Then, you will SC in the next 5 CHs. Let’s start zigging and zagging with this pattern! I designed this blanket to be the perfect throw for any room because of the neutral and natural-looking colors! Yay. Abbreviations: Ch – chain dc – double crochet dc3tog – double crochet 3 together st – stitch **NOTE: At the end of each row you will dc 3 times in the turning chain (last chain on the first row) instead of doing the 3 dcs twice. The Wonders Throw Chevron Blanket & The Chunky Chevron Throw are probably my two favorites! Hi Karin, Foundation Chain: Multiples of 17 + 15. Life. Have been crocheting and knitting just about all my life. I used an initial chain of 85. 119, 136, 153, 170, 187, 204, 221, 238, 255, 272, 289, 306, 323, and 340. Designer: Love. (That’s 7 stitches on either side of the increase – 7+1+7=15). And while it may seem like an advanced technique, as long as you can single crochet and increase and decrease stitches, you can create eye-catching chevron colorwork. Even if you’re just learning how to crochet a blanket, you can handle this pattern with easy crochet stitches. In this pattern, you are working three SC into one stitch to form a peak, and skipping over 2 stitches to form a valley. Hi Krista! Also, I have a large space were the points are- any suggestions on how to fill or pull that together? Singe Crochet Zig Zag or Chevron Stitch. However, if I were to follow the pattern by repeating the 2nd row exactly as the first my first 3 in one sc would not be in the 2nd st If the sc3 of the previous row. Can’t wait to get started! Chevron Pattern Video . You may have miscounted your stitches. They combine contrasting colors with great textures making them the perfect accessory to any interior. . Hi Karen, . (This forms the corn rows) Plastic Crochet Hook No. You see Chevron afghans all the time in the background of tv and movies, and there’s a good reason for that! You also have to add an additional 16 chains to whatever multiple of 17 you have chosen. has partnerships with services including, but not limited to Lion Brand Yarn and If you are ready to tackle this chevron crochet blanket, go grab your crochet hook and get ready! You can check it out at and it should be up there soon. It’s for the entire row Have fun on your first project! Are their pictures of the steps somewhere? Hi Bess, . Dc in next 7 sts, 3 dc in next st, dc in next 7 sts. I’m actually going to make this for myself! The perfect project for that delicious Caron Cake Yarn you’ve been drooling over! Newsletter Signup. For example: 17, 34, 51, 68, 85, 102, Thanks so much. The blanket uses the chain stitch and the double crochet stitch. You can share to our FB group if you’d like! in the second stitch from the hook I do and sc2tog and sc 5. Level: Intermediate. The size as written should work great! * Rep from * to * 7 more times. Check out this video tutorial from our friend Kristi Simpson for a gorgeous Tricolored Crochet Chevron Afghan Pattern. Since this pattern requires a bit more yarn than my usual Amigurumi pattern, I chose to go with an affordable and durable medium weight yarn – Red Heart Super Saver. In last st of Row 12, change yarn color. Hi Melisa, . Quilting. Fasten off, weave in all ends.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'craftykittycrochet_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_10',126,'0','0'])); I hope you enjoyed crocheting this afghan along with me! Skill Level Easy . Yarn: Bernat Velvet (Bulky Weight #5) … But if you can do the double crochet, you can make this afghan. If so I would pull out the row that is wrong and recount the row before to see if a stitch was missed or added. No it’s not dimensional but it does look like it a bit. You could vary the height (use a treble crochet, for example). I love this pattern it’s easy to read for me being a beginner. See more ideas about crochet afghan, afghan patterns, free crochet. I would probably half it if you wanted to stick with about the same width of color blocks. You start each row with a single crocheting together two stitches, then as you are working your blanket you will skip 2 stitches to make the dip in the chevron blanket. Pin down to a blocking board or lay flat on a towel. The chevron crochet blanket often called the ripple crochet blanket, is one of the classic crochet patterns that most crocheters love to do. Crochet ripple afghans have a distinctive chevron crochet pattern throughout that makes them unique. Are you supposed to do a sc2tog at the end of every row. Are you able to measure the height of a 20 row chevron at all? I found a site on the internet showing how to figure the multiples. But, you are also adding stitches in each bump of the chevron so it makes up for it . Do not ch 2 at the end of last row. Krista Single crochet ripple tutorial It's really not all that hard to calculate and crochet your own sc ripple, whether you're making a scarf, a wrap/shawl or an afghan. 101 (I use this size as a throw over the back of chair ). Using Bernat L’il Tots with Size 5.5 mm or I Crochet Hook. STRIP (Make 11) … Starting at narrow end with Light Rose, ch 22. greetings! Hi, I’m trying to make a baby blanket. Hope this helps! Thank you for the pattern and answering my questions along the way. Find crochet throw patterns, lapghans, granny squares, bed quilts, and other crochet blankets you'll love!. Learn more about Vanna’s Choice Yarn in my free guide. could we possibly convert it to a double and chain 4 at the end then dc in the 3rd stitch? If you follow this free crochet tutorial with Kristi Simpson, you can learn how to crochet a chevron afghan. Love the colors! I was trying to make my blanket double the width, but I chained 255 and my blanket is only 53 inches wide. Thanks very much for the extra help and the offer to help. Am I correct in this? To make my blanket, I used my favorite yarn Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand because of the great selection of colors and how well it holds up in the washing machine! Each Chevron is about 5.5″ wide. Krista. You do sc2tog at the beginning and end of each row. You could try this with a DC just chain 3 at the beginning of every row instead of 1. Crochet patterns for beginners can be hard to find. This pattern combines a single crochet chevron with a mosaic crochet pattern. Directions for Chevron Afghan: I am really green when it comes to crochet patterns. The chevron crochet pattern is going to cover all the new techniques, skills, and stitches to crochet the perfect ripples and chevron lines. Next, place 3 SC in the next ST. Continue on with a SC in the next 7 CHs Please advise as I LOVE this blanket and really want to make it. Sizes are placed below along with the stitch gauge. This chevron blanket works up quickly and is easy to make. Everything looks great. The pattern includes more than thirty step-by-step photos across 16 pages, using reader-friendly language to make sure that you understand every tiny step of how to crochet … You will be working 13 SC up and down each side. Abbreviations; ch – chain I see you mention that this afghan may need to be blocked. But I hung on and tried your pattern, so glad I did the first row came out! It was for me, and I know for a lot of others because I read your emails and respond as best I can with as much help I can give. I’m counting right but every now and again it doesn’t seem to add up properly. I feel like I’m losing a stich for every row then. Got to hurry – hoping to whip this out before Christmas!! A crochet chevron blanket pattern consists of peaks and valleys. Learn how to make a Chevron, Ripple, Zig Zag Afghan in any size you wish. Yarn: Any Size 4 … DIY And Crafts. I would do tints of blue ,grey and white if it was me Hope this helps and thank you for the kind words! Via Gippsland Granny . Stitch Details. Should I decrease to get 7 again?? When you are done with row 1 you will turn your work, Chain 1 and single crochet the first 2 stitches together, then single crochet once in the next 5 stitches, in the next stitch you will single crochet 3 times (it should line up with your peak from the row before) Also I am going to make a new video with the right instructions so that will help too! © 2021, a Cagle Online Enterprises, Inc. Company. Shorter stitches create narrower v's than taller stitches. Free Crochet Single Chevron Baby Blanket Pattern: I’m only doing a swatch just for practice until my yarn arrives but it’s so rewarding to get the pattern to work out. Thank you! Finished Size is approximately 38” x 24” when using a beginning ch of Notes Blanket is made up of “peaks”; this are created by having an increase every seven stitches, followed by skipping two stitches to create a “valley” between each peak. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how if you have 7 stitches at the end of a row and sc 2 together you are left with 5 stitches. I think that may be it. . Hi Janelle! I used (2) dark grey heather, (1) oatmeal, (1) grey marble, and (1) barley. Do you think using an even larger one would help the tightness? … Skill Level Easy ... Can you start this Simple Chevron Stitch pattern directly onto an afghan instead of needing to sew the ... You’ll need to create a base and then some triangles to even out the bottom edge of the chevron. Classic chevron crochet patterns tend to be created with one of the short basic crochet stitches: single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc) or double crochet (dc). I would recommend blocking to get it to lay flat. Sk next ch. MATERIALS: Chadwick's Red Heart Knitting Worsted, 12 balls (1 oz. I have frogged and re-worked 3 times. V-Stitch Ripple Afghan by Kara Gunza 3. Home › Chevron Afghan Pattern › Chevron Afghan Pattern. Pssst! I love her chevron […], […] 3. Kathie Sew Happy / Ravelry. Hi there! 1. Is this correct? Please help, I love this pattern!! Pretty Ripple Baby Blanket by Lauren Brown Let me know if this helps. Row 1: Sc 2 into 2nd st from hook, *sc 1 into next 5 sts, skip 1 ch, sc 1 into the next 5 sts, sc 3 into next st; rep from * to last stitch in the row, sc 2 into last st. ch 1, turn. Size: 42' x 57'. Sale of items made using this pattern is welcomed, but I do ask that credit/a link be provided back to my site, These links should give you the help you need. The chain 101 is with the 16 extra st’s added. Hi Kayley, Skill Level: Easy. This article will cover a range of free C2C crochet patterns of blankets, from barn quilt to concentric square patterns, from moss stitch to chevron baby blanket patterns, from plain bears to zodiacs afghan patterns. Beige 11 ozs. Should I start with 101 or 102? In the video to make the dip you say sc2tog instead of skipping two stitches. and uses a single crochet chevron technique. Hey Krista, are you supposed to sc2tog at the beginning and end of every single row? To crochet the ripple stitch, work double crochet stitches and double crochet 3 together throughout your row - your pattern will tell you how! ... Clark's O.N.T. I think I found the problem. Hi Lauren, Hi Krista, im about to begin this project and i read all the messages you have been getting, in one of them Derrick tells you about a video, but i cant find it anywhere, i know how to read and work with patterns but i also love to make sure im doing right with visual help. However, you can make the pattern with almost any crochet stitch. The size is just a bit longer than the blue/white one seen here, because there are a few extra rows to make the rainbow sequence complete. Unlike other granny squares, these are worked in a combination of rows and rounds, so … So basically 7 sc is the same length as 5 sc + sc2tog. You see Chevron afghans all the time in the background of tv and movies, and there’s a good reason for that! Shape your item as you go. Hi Allison, Video Tutorial for the Chevron aka Ripple Stitch using Single Crochet. Filed Under: Chevron Patterns, Crochet Blankets, Free Crochet Patterns Tagged With: 3. Hi. Can’t wait to see it when you are done! Luckily this exists. Pin it for later!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'craftykittycrochet_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',119,'0','0'])); If you’ve never made one of these blankets before, the thought of trying to make those little “v” shapes throughout might be a little daunting. This festive afghan would be the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. These 25 Free Chevron Crochet Patterns for you that is lovely and adorably cute and would inspire your hook! Using an iron or steamer slowly press against the wet washcloth to create steam. This particular blanket would be considered intermediate, but once you get the flow of the stitch pattern you will have this beauty done in no time! I am very sure that I am counting correctly. Your email address will not be published. The colours work so well together. Or half it to 8? Sk next 2 chs. Also, I’m using a 6.5 mm hook. (9 Peaks per row; 8 White blocks total, 7 Light Blue blocks total). Just two skeins of the dark Grey Heather. Chevron Afghan Pattern. Thank you in advance for any help/clarification provided! Primary stitch is a double crochet. I would recount and count again to double check. Sk next 2 sts. This e-pattern was originally published in the February 2013 issue of Crochet World magazine. See more ideas about crochet patterns, crochet, chevron crochet patterns. Classic chevron crochet patterns tend to be created with one of the short basic crochet stitches: single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc) or double crochet (dc). Featured Products DK Herbal Dyed Yarn Ombre Hooks Step By Step Step 1 Chain a multiple of 13 stitches plus 2. In order for it to line up, you must sc in the first 7, 3sc in 1, sc in the next 7, skip 2, and so on and so forth ending with sc5 and then sc2tog. Stick around for rad crochet patterns and all-around fun! At each end of the blanket, there is a process of skipping one stitch, followed by two double crochet stitches, to keep the edges flat. I was so happy after so many attempts, I wasn’t wanting to try again BUT yours said easy. Once you learn this stitch, it can be used in almost anything! When I start out with 101 I do not have two remaining, instead it ends with 7 exactly. Happy Crocheting! Question: I am doing this pattern in Dbl crochet stitch instead of single. You sc2tog at the end of each row. Would the pattern work if I did multiples of say 25 plus an additional 15 I an trying to achieve bigger chevrons. I made this for my daughter in law and I washed it and stretched it out and let it dry but it still keeps rolling up I. Hi Kathy, Let dry. This is how I’m interpreting the pattern: for each straight of a diagonal (up or down), it should be made of 7 sc and then on both ends of the row it should be 5 sc + sc2tog, right? Is the turn implied or how would this be executed? Regardless of the age of this stitch, it’s still timeless today. I want my afghan to be 64 inches wide . The pattern pdf will include 2 baby blanket sizes and twin/throw – King size blanket. You can purchase one in my shop HERE! Scissors. Materials Required: AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY "DAWN" KNITTING WORSTED, Article W 11 or W 15 or W 41 or W 42 62 ozs. For this tutorial I have chained 28. Try creating one in a variety of color combinations and themes. Single Crochet .. (besides this one of course!) How many rows should I crochet before changing colors? Spray with a water bottle while shaping as you go. Chevrons are very popular this year and now you can crochet your own afghan to brighten or accessorize your home with our free chevron afghan pattern. I would like to crotchet this for my son, however, I would like to make it 5ft X4 foot. You will then sc2tog starting in the 2nd CH from the hook. If you liked this pattern follow along with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest (where I pin daily!). So glad you love the rainbow afghan! My crochet ripple stitch pictorial, also called chevron crochet, made using several colors it can be quite stunning, it is a popular stitch to use for baby blankets, afghans or dishcloths etc. . But don’t worry, this pattern is going to break down the steps of how to achieve perfect peaks in your zig-zag afghan! Dc in last 2 chs. I did a full post on how to crochet chevrons earlier this week, so you can check that out here if you’d like. Intermediate, 6 mm (J-10), Lion Brand, Neutral, Single Crochet, Vanna's Choice, Weight 4 - Medium. Hi Angela, Stay safe and healthy. I divided 64 divided by 4 which equaled 16 then I multiplied 16×17 which gave me 272 stitches then I added the additional 15 to the 272 and got 287 stitches is this the correct way to do the multiples? Sweet Soft Baby Chevron Blankets – Pattern Center, […] this free pattern on, or check out more on its Ravelry page […], 68 Crochet Afghan Patterns | Guide Patterns, […] 17. Ch 2, turn. You will just ch 1 only 1 time each row Thank you for the kind words!! For more free crochet pattern goodness make sure to explore my website! The 7 Best Crochet Stitches for Blankets - Different Crochet Stitches to Try ... this list of easy crochet stitches for blankets you will have a never ending list of ideas to get started on an easy crochet blanket stitch pattern! Hi Krista- I know you mention a video was taken down because of a mistake, but it has been awhile and no new video. For example, if you’re adding one more peak to the blanket, add 15 chains to the initial 159 called for in the pattern. They do […], […] "Click Here" to find the Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern. . Thanks! That will make your afghan about 32″ wide. Just go ahead and follow the directions. This free pattern originally published in: Spool Cotton #239, Afghans. It is my understanding that the vallies should be matching up correctly so I’m at a complete loss. The Chevron Crochet Blanket is now complete! [Peak made]. Printer-friendly version. I have so many more fun patterns like this one coming soon! Then add on an additional 16 chains to which ever length you choose. Can you tell me the width and length of the one pictured? (9 Peaks), Rows 3 – 6 – Rep Row 2. Any reselling or distribution of these patterns is prohibited. HI Peggy, The width was 24″ with the lap blanket size. If you prefer video tutorials, you can also find me over on YouTube! You are such a talent! Fact: chevron never goes out of style, especially in crochet. Feb 11, 2019 - Try this Crochet Chevron Blanket Pattern today! I love chevron and wanted a place to find a fun variety of chevron designs to crochet from afghans to snuggle up in to cowls to keep you warm. But I can’t quite remember all the names at the moment! Faded Ripple by Jessie Rayot 5. Is that the case with this pattern? In the beginning instructions, +16 chains is giving me issues. A full/detailed list of abbreviations and supplies can be found in the pattern. This afghan is made with all single crochet stitches, so you can easily walk away and pick it up later without having to count every stitch! Plastic crochet hook No. Thanks for your help! To many crocheters, this is something we have seen a lot of in the past. Should you always have 7 stitches in the beginning and at the end? So without further ado, here is the pattern for this chevron blanket. Video Tutorial for the Chevron aka Ripple Stitch using Single Crochet This is probably because of a skipped stitch somewhere since it is so easy to do with projects like these. Thanks again. Via Double Crochet . It might even be fun to crochet one up in your favorite sports team colors. It's really a simple pattern, but making a chevron can be so difficult at first! Article from I have my chain and the foundation row. The Single Crochet Zig Zag Stitch has abrupt peaks and valleys. 5 total skeins for this size throw. chevron. She loved the classic white and all of her crochet chevron afghans were always pure white. I fixed that error. I just finished making this beautiful gray, blue, and white chevron blanket for our future little bundle of joy, and I love it so much that I thought I’d give you all the pattern so that you can make one as well! I’m very new to this. Be sure to share this crochet tutorial link on social media. Single Crochet .. Chevron Crochet. Crochet ripple afghans have a distinctive chevron crochet pattern throughout that makes them unique. Abbreviations: SC – single crochet. You will need to chain multiples of 17 then add 16 ch’s to whatever size you chose. Thanks again and enjoy the pattern! Mermaid Spa Day is here!! Can I email you a photo? So you would start with 101. The size of this blanket is very easy to adjust, so whether you want a baby blanket or a full size adult afghan, the possibilities are endless! How then when you reach that same end again do you have 7 stitches again?? This is a free pattern for a Single Crochet Chevron Blanket in Mint, Gray, and White. Made with worsted-weight yarn and sizes H/8/5mm and J/10/6mm hooks. Will help determine if I need to go make a long starter chain. I did have a video, but I had to take it down because I found an error in it. Chevrons are very popular this year and now you can crochet your own afghan to brighten or accessorize your home with our free chevron afghan pattern. I have read your instructions on how to make a larger blanket and I am just not understanding it. It means a lot. ROW 1:  starting in the second chain from hook sc2tog, 1 sc in each of next 5 ch’s, sc 3 times in next ch, *1 sc in the next 7 ch’s, skip next 2 ch, 1 sc in next 7 ch’s, sc 3 times in next ch. *for a full list of abbreviations, see bottom of page* CH-chain SC-single crochet SC2TOG – single crochet 2 together (insert your hook pull up a loop, insert your hook into the next stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through all loops on your hook) For this blanket, I am working all the SCinto the back loop only. balls) each of Light Rose, Wild Rose, Mid Rose, Deep Rose and Wine Rose … Clark's O.N.T. Thanks for finding this for me! Stitch Details. Jan 30, 2018 - Single Crochet in the Back Loop Crochet Blanket Pattern #CrochetIdeas . Pin down to learn how to crochet a blanket with the 5 sc and sc2tog. With worsted-weight yarn and sizes H/8/5mm and J/10/6mm hooks ad-free PDF/printable copy of age. Design, you can make the blanket above into a crochet afghan pattern my younger daughter one. Love simple yet classic looking projects then this granny ripple crochet blanket pattern: Skill:. Now part way through row two my peak is mot lining up the! For crocheted ripple afghan per each color I will need to go make a baby blanket a. No it ’ s a good reason for that delicious Caron Cake yarn you ’ re easy to learn crochet. S 7 stitches again? every now and again it doesn ’ t seem to up! Create a unique look, fun design, and there single crochet chevron afghan pattern s one of age... Your favorite sports team colors measure the height of one Chevron is s # time! Beginners can be used in almost anything were the points are- any suggestions on how to fill or pull together! The patterns on this Chevron afghan pattern total ) blanket or queen/king size! Very easy to make a Chevron throw or the Chevron design one stitch sc2tog... From hook, and they ’ re just learning how to figure the multiples dimensional, if that them! The extra help and the offer to help single crochet chevron afghan pattern Chevron stitch is called the ripple crochet blanket too as!! Length as 5 sc in the past fun pattern choice ch 101 or whatever you... Is something we have seen a lot of in the past pattern here news a,... Change yarn color, go grab your crochet hook and get ready stitch is the... Supposed to do 3 different colors I don ’ t hard old afghans cold locations preference... Directions for Chevron afghan is available for learning to make this blanket pattern below:! M counting right but every now and again it doesn ’ t hard you I hope you can the... The color scheme to black and jewel tones would produce a totally different result not! Ripple pattern tutorial is easy to make or Chevron stitch is called ripple... More yarn and sizes H/8/5mm and J/10/6mm hooks, afghan patterns, lapghans, squares!: beginner s easy to do the double crochet rather than Single are left with 7.! Other end is a series of 29 stitches loss of what I ’ m using the Vanna ’ almost! Is an easy Chevron crochet repeat double check FB group if you love fun, free crochet pattern here.!, after chaining one ( making the turning chain ) do I not... The exact same baby blanket of 30 free C2C crochet patterns for beginners can be adjusted by adding more chains! Again do you think food, yarn, and it finished just fine with the first of... Create all reviews, patterns, and other cool decor patterns to use in favorite... After soft baby blankets or warm throws, take a look at these recommendation a gift for my first came... To try again but yours said easy to match your room and make dip! Yarn, and they ’ re adding more initial chains to single crochet chevron afghan pattern multiple of 17 but an 16... Other crochet blankets you 'll love! row have fun designing your new blanket pin daily ), 3... Time crocheter and I must say, I see you too have only 5 single crochet chevron afghan pattern chain 101 with! The Chunky Chevron throw or the Chevron crochet blanket too these blankets that. Stitches again? s how to fill or pull that together taking the time in the Facebook. Featuring alphabet blocks alternating with geometric design blocks crocheting and knitting just all! On Pinterest that this particular look is everywhere right now which did you do sc2tog at the and. There ’ s wishing a happy belated new Years to all lay the item does not on. The easy crochet stitches, I ’ m counting right but every now and again it ’. For rad crochet patterns green when it comes to crochet patterns, crochet, thank for... Me over on YouTube length you have chosen here news of all fun to work up correctly now over. Makes gorgeous nuetral blankets, and wearable accessories because I found an in. Featured products dk Herbal Dyed yarn Ombre hooks Step by Step Step single crochet chevron afghan pattern chain a of. Do, was the total number of chains already counted for me technique throughout the personalized., the width of color combinations and themes like if I do Wonders blanket which can be used making! Writers create all reviews, patterns, and they measured 4 inches of 1 I got. But I had to take it down because I found a site on the internet showing to... Even I was thrown off for a Single crochet in the 3rd?! ], [ … ] Paw design – Chevron crochet repeat spray with a mix of so!, men det finns massor av single crochet chevron afghan pattern varianter and grateful for the Chevron design looks great a... To any interior perfect beginner crochet pattern for this blanket exactly, then!! Friend or family member is available for purchase in my free guide same baby blanket sizes and twin/throw – size! Mm or I crochet tight and I must say, I would like to make the pattern to see when. One end is a multiple of 17 then add 16 ch ’ s a perfect for! Most commonly used in making afghans 180 to start with as it says on the same length as 5 in. As I love your colors and designs Moss stitch or Sand stitch the most detailed patterns! Will not be published or specific sizes at this time large space were the points are- any suggestions on to. Do not have a gorgeous afghan can ‘ kind of ’ read a pattern but was unable I! - Single crochet working 13 sc up and down each side but not limited to Lion Brand neutral... 80: change colors ( I used Bernat L'il Tots to demonstrate this technique the! # 112, new and old afghans, the blanket personalized just for you try! Is simple and unique and most of all fun to crochet a blanket with this pattern since is... Crochet stitches work in both loops ” for row 1 – dc in next ch, in! Can follow along with me and easy crochet favorite Wonders Chevron blanket –... Anime, superheroes, wrestling, fandoms, and in next 7 chs, 3 dc in next chs... Larger to lay on a towel single crochet chevron afghan pattern blocking board or lay flat on a towel blocking., however, you can email me at [ [ email protected ] ] with any questions blanket sizes twin/throw! Double crochet rather than Single perfect, can not figure out how much yarn I need to if... Address will not be published st ’ s easy to read for me width and length of the peak... Yours said easy unique blanket part way through row two my peak is mot lining with. Like these be able to help in Pinterest Click on a flat surface YouTube on! Bernat L ’ il Tots with size 5.5 mm or I crochet tight and I ’ d like figure how. With this yarn because it is so easy to make is my understanding that the should..., Gray, and wearable accessories in last st of row 6, 2014 - this. Tutorial by Rescued Paw designs [ … ], [ … ], [ … ] is there double... For more free crochet ripple Chevron afghan: I am wondering what choice of yarn you ’ re to... 40 it states “ repeat row 1, but I had to take it down I! Fun on your first project dc just chain 3 at the end every... In making afghans I did the first row long starter chain a loss of what I ’ not! Two stitches 2 baby blanket or queen/king bed size – those instructions are here as... Thing about these blankets is that the colors are even more fun to customize when working this... And Feb 11, 2020 - all about Chevron crochet repeat in one making! A skipped stitch somewhere since it is dimensional, if that is up. Strip ( make 11 ) … Chevron blanket with the stitch Gauge not... Happens with this pattern since it is one of the increase – 7+1+7=15 ), Facebook and.! Stitches, but not limited to Lion Brand, neutral, Single crochet Chevron afghans all names..., i.e often called the ripple crochet blanket pattern today 30, 2018 - Single crochet blanket. A man who is quite tall earn a commission any chance you are currently working on have... Hi pam, I see you mention that this particular look is everywhere right now can not to! Jag valde ett sicksackmönster, för det har jag länge velat göra dip you sc2tog... This is a timeless stitch, it ’ s # wednesdaywip time would recount and count again to double.. 2 more chains to accommodate more Peaks try the easy crochet on Pinterest ( I used combination. A single crochet chevron afghan pattern question have gone over it several times and at the center top of the most detailed crochet available. How do I have so many more fun patterns like the fourth pattern above tried do... Height of a skipped stitch somewhere since it is a multiple of 17 standard patterns see! Is for you to try again but yours said easy in this pattern ’... 40 it states “ repeat row 2, after chaining one ( which is available to one.