If you bank at Bank of America, never make an ATM deposit there, especially if the money’s coming from another bank. These are reasons why your ATM card may decline transactions – Have you ever stood at the cash register and tried to make a purchase, only to have the clerk hand you your credit card or debit card back and explain apologetically that the transaction was declined?It happens. Box 1602, South Bend, IN 46634. Typical reasons that a check may be rejected include the following: ... will have to deposit the original paper check at your local First United branch or at a deposit accepting First United ATM. Refer to maker means, you should contact the person that wrote the check to find out why the item was returned. There are several reasons we may reject a check. She just wrote "Geoff." Answered by: John Burnett. Submit a Comment Cancel reply. The ATM detects a fraudulent cash deposit (counterfeits) Check image is too light to read. Here’s why… I’m a Bank of America account-holder, which is to say I’ve also been a Bank of America hostage. Using the new envelope free ATM - at first with an envelope. We started 2016 by rolling out a new product: Clear Inline ®, an automated image-enhancement software system for ATMs and self-service stations.To understand why that’s important, let’s take a minute to look at what happens when you make a deposit at the ATM and how that affects the bank behind the scenes. I tried to cash this check at my bank (a Chase branch near where I live). I have a personal check from an acquaintance, but she didn't make the check out to my full name "Geoffrey ____." For the last week, Bank of America has held a … I have an account with Chase, so I provided my account number and a photo ID to the teller along with the endorsed check. If the maker does not know why the item was returned, the maker should contact their own bank for the reason. Despite the embarrassment and inconvenience, the rejection is really meant to protect your account, and to protect … Your email address will not be published. Answer: There aren't too many. The item is inserted incorrectly or is somehow jammed in the intake mechanism. ATM’S do not cash checks… they accept deposits and transfers etc. They dispense withdrawal cash from your accounts. The customer can then feed the envelope into the machine, where it sits until a bank employee comes around to service it. Question: What are the reasons for an ATM to reject a deposit? > I went to the branch today about a tax refund check > deposit that was rejected, to … To deposit checks in a traditional ATM, a customer writes his or her information, including the total amount of the deposit, on the outside of an envelope and places the check(s) inside.The machine will prompt the customer to key in the amount of the deposit. Despite the growth of electronic payments, and debit and credit cards, checks are still popular in the United States.In fact, more than 14 billion paper checks were issued in … original check, or a paper or electronic representation of the substitute check or original check such that that person will be asked to make a payment based on a check that it already has paid." Reasons for An ATM to Reject A Deposit. If you are denied the chance to open an account or transact any sort of business because of TeleCheck, then they will happily send you a free report giving the top three reasons why you were rejected, but they will not explain how they came up with their risk score and what factors they used to come to their conclusion. The picture does not contain the entire check. The merchant cannot obtain the reason for return from the maker’s bank, only the maker can get this information. If you are unable to complete a deposit using the Mobile Banking App, please take the item to a 1st Source ATM that accepts deposits, visit a banking center or mail your deposit to: P.O.