We have enclosed this JavaScript in a getSelectedOptions function which returns an array of selected options: We’ll need a form, a multiple select box and a textarea in which to display the results. This option’s value can be found by using the value property. 1- val() – method returns the value of selected attribute value. How to get all the options in the dropdown in Selenium? The removeAll() function repeatedly removes the first option in the select box, therefore, it removes all the options. jQuery provides two methods to get the value of the selected option from the select box. Select the option … This tutorial explains how you can perform common operations on select element with vanilla Javascript - adding/deleting options or getting/setting the selected options. To get a list of the selected options, first we need a reference to the select list. ... To run the above program, save the file name “anyName.html(index.html)” and right click on the file. The following code gets the array of selected options using selectedOptions with the spread syntax (or Array.from()), and then map the