it's been a year since rayla came back from the world between life and death, and she has a missed birthday to make up for. Then you Reverse it because it's Janai(The guard) that is developing feelings towards Amaya(the prisoner). report. 4. She signs her name back, and Janai repeats it aloud to herself, it was foreign name to her, but she cherished it like it was secret only she knew Yes, I mean right now I am. Armed with a single book, his actions will change the way that fateful night, the journey to return the egg, and his relationship with Rayla, goes. They fought each other to a stalemate multiple times, Amaya spared and helped Janai before surrendering peacefully, then passed the Sun Queen's test. Janai learns to transfer her confidence in battle into the bedroom, "Look at the world around you. This probably isn't their first "meeting" if they're both in charge of their respective armies at the breach. Sequel to 'Downtime in Wartime', but can be read independently.Includes chapter illustrations. I got permission to ask questions from:RaylaCallumEzranRunaan(reluctantly)EthariSorenClaudiaVirenAaravosAmayaHarrowJanaiTiadrinLainCorvus8/12/2020 Edit: Ram, Skor, Callisto, & Andromeda10/4/2020 Edits:IbisNyxKasefKaziEllis and AvaAanyaSarai. I could understand them being friends but I couldn't really see them being more than that, but that's just me, That's the thing, they ae just friends by the end of season 3, it's the fans who are saying that they are "head over heels" in love. Leading this charge on the human side are King Ezran of Katolis and his trusty aide High Mage Callum - but the forces that wish for peace are fighting an uphill battle against racist sentiments and the remnants of dark magic, always ready to shatter relationships and take both humanity and elfkind back to the dark ages of segregation and war. Ok but Amaya and Janai is one of the best enemies to lovers I’ve seen lately and I need more of them the dragon prince amaya janai janaya amaya x janai the dragon prince season 3 tdp season 3 224 notes Besides, didn't Amaya say something explicitly romantic to Gren when they spilt up in Book 1? You would think the reason why Amaya is telling Janai about how dangerous Viren is because she cares. But anyway that light test definitely did some harm to Amaya based on her panting after it. Basically, you take the concept of Stockholm Syndrome. She was worried for Callum and Ezran, wondered if Gren was okay and if her men survived the breach.“You can’t escape. ), After a sparring session, Amaya and Janai finally lay with each other for the first time. Join Facebook to connect with Amaya Janai and others you may know. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. On top of that is the fact that Amaya went to lengths to help her people. Janai x Amaya . The cycle seems broken, but there is darkness on the horizon. The Breach between humans and elves is mending, but now the human lands are tearing themselves apart. i was dying i think bc i hadnt written them in like a year so here is this drabble ! She is my prisoner.” Amaya signs “She thinks I’m cute, but hasn’t confessed yet.” Sarai and Amaya shared a close bond with each other, where Amaya considered her older sister her role model, all while never being looked down upon, but rather being considered to be a great strength to Sarai. Amaya and Janai from The Dragon King This is purely self indulgence for myself and @jennandblitz because she listened to me rant about the queer representation in an animated series through snapchat in the middle of the night. Another reason is because I couldn't think of another reason why Amaya would do that. Dec 7, 2019 - Explore Rose Tijerina's board "Amaya x janai" on Pinterest. Even though life in Katolis is mostly peaceful right now. Amaya Janai is on Facebook. That reliance will get tested when they come across someone they thought was gone forever. And Aaravos is VERY interested in the first living half-elf in a thousand years... (Alternate title: Aunt Dreadbeasts kidnaps canon at gunpoint and rewrites it to include the non-canon elements of the story she wrote pre-Season 3, and then keeps going.). Amaya: because you were staring at me like you were going to punch my face with your lips so I attacked first. Apr 2, 2019 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. To put in simplified reasons, The things that are holding me back from supporting this relationship are one; It's coming off as "Reverse Stockholm Syndrome"; And two being right now, only Janai has been showing feeling towards Amaya for the most part, which makes it a bit one sided. It's been 18 months since the battle of the Storm Spire, and the world is not okay. You are right, though. Janai has been spending too much time in Lux Aurea and finally is able to be home with her wife Amaya. LET THEM BE WIVES! She is basically taking advantages of Janai towards her. The Dragon Prince Season 3 General Amaya Get Captured by Janai #DragonPrinceClips #GeneralAmaya #Janai But Rayla doubts lead her to face dangereous forces and leave the Dragon Team. The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. (Aftermath of Season 3, all from Janai's perspective. Originally posted by asp-iro. My domain.”Janai smirked as the humans face fell.“We’re going to have so much fun” she said, beckoning for another soldier to take the prisoner to her cell, “So much fun.”. There are a lot of examples of war opponents who had deep respect for each other in history. After that they fought together to protect the Dragon Prince. Janai and Amaya reach the end of the yard, the winding dirt road that leads off the main road a bit out, the worn basketball hoop. It's where your interests connect you with your people. took some "vacations". From the ashes of war and loss, kindled hearts will find their own home. Janai gulps, and with shaky hands signs, “I am Janai” (her signing is off because she only has four fingers, but Amaya gets the jist) At first, Amaya remains impassive, but her stony gaze softens . tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", After meeting Corvus in Katolis Sign Language 101, Gren could not have foreseen the impact their developing relationship would have on his life. Log in Sign up. They'd try to get Viren to lighten up when the two were still friends with him, taught Callum sign la… Battlefield kisses. Jan 7, 2020 - Janai and Amaya AKA: Janaya. She was about to be interrogated, tortured, and maybe even killed. It meant nothing to Sunfire Elves, they hid their horns behind crowns and head helmets, while Moonshadow Elves showed them off with only their immediate kin allowed to touch them, and much more exclusively, only mates were allowed to lock horns like she and this random guard were doing. Which is when a prisoner develops feelings for you kidnapper. When the new moon rises, I'll rise with it. Callum/Rayla (The Dragon Prince) mentioned, honestly this is more of an Amaya/ Janai fic, you hang from my lips like the gardens of babylon. Two, don't touch magic-absorbing enchanted iron unless you want everyone else to know you aren't entirely human. Canon-divergent from TTM. See more ideas about prince dragon, dragon princess, prince art. "Looks like she recognised me," Janai said with a light smile and stroke her long braids. This looks pretty odd in our modern society but I can see it making sense in a fantasy world. Gren: “Girl, you’re thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal.” Janai: draws her sword (Also known as I cut off Reyla's horns for no reason), Just a book where you can go to ask questions of the Dragon Prince characters cause I can! Discover (and save!) Janai and Amaya are still relatively new to the idea that, not only can you rely on, and love another person romantically, but it can also be a healthy thing to do. After that she tried to save Lux Auria from Viren, and saved Janai again, this time from herself. "She says her name is Amaya." Read Janai x Amaya from the story Yuri ship RP by fanfiction553 (Yuri heaven) with 172 reads. When she was kicked out of her adopted home, she knew she had no other choice but to go to the capitol. It’s just that I would have a difficult time cooperating with someone who killed my coworkers. Following that, Amaya tries to defend Janai's home against her own people, despite the fact that they've done nothing but imprison, interrogate, and torture her. Amaya: Signs something Janai: What did she say? 17 Favourites. IMAGE DETAILS. Battlefield kisses. Then she is brought into for the light test. The result is them gaining a mutual respect and admiration for their counterpart despite the losses they've taken, and learning that not all Elves or Humans are callous monsters, though they exist on both sides. With the slightest push -- in just the right place -- it can be tipped.". She knows by now that Janai has feelings for her. (You sly fox Amaya) This is also another way to dissuade feelings, by taking advantage of their kindness. ok i love janai and amaya. The awaited sequel to The Bridge Between! I do. Discover the adventures of the Dragon Team alongisde with the Mathemagician! That is no small thing. Companion fic to my Rayllum fic "For You, I'll Fly" ( ), focused on Janaya. Update: Chapters 1-5 have been rewritten - now with 33% more slowburn and 13% more overthinking!Corvus.Other chapters are now broken into shorter bites. share. The Dragon Prince [Anyone else believe their canon? girlxgirl, yuri, anime. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. 0 Comments. By graceofaeons Watch. What lies beneath the portal of the Moon Nexus, and beyond? Amaya loosened her stiff position and pulled her hands to herself, starting to form words with them as good as possible. You think she has some feelings for Janai because she saved her. Elwing for Doriath Week - From the version of the Silmarillion in The Shaping of Middle-Earth where the gods are less merciful and Elwing must make her own wings. JANAI AND AMAYA! My home. Callum and Rayla are a thing now and they are enjoying this new peaceful world they have created. Janai and Amaya are still relatively new to the idea that, not only can you rely on, and love another person romantically, but it can also be a healthy thing to do. They've killed plenty of soldiers on the other's side. Amaya doesn't really show feelings towards Janai. Amaya does so much more to prove herself trustworthy and noble than anyone in Lux Aurea does, including Janai. Protecting the new world may prove even harder than it was to make it.Callum is torn between Katolis and Xadia, Ezran between inherent idealism and the realities of kingship, and Rayla does not know where she belongs at all. Janai would ask why Amaya kissed her. Please consider turning it on! In fact Gren was smiling when Amaya and Janai held hands when Zubeia was talking. But I’m having a hard time that Janai is head over heels about the human who yote her soldiers into lava. She chose to blow up the ridge instead of sacrificing her men, etc. She longed to be welcomed home in open arms. hide. Viren is a lawyer mourning the death of his best friend. One of the better ways to dissuade feelings. However, Amaya rescues Janai from falling after the destruction of the Breach, earning Janai’s respect. Similarly, when Viren appears to steal the Sunforge power, he doesn't have that much to do with Amaya, either. Plus when she was in captivity Amaya didn't break, even went as far as basically telling Janai to go f herself then smirking about it. Speculative 'Book 4: Earth' (Down to Earth) and 'Book 5: Ocean' (Down Below the Ocean).In the spirit of the show, this will attempt to strike a balance between drama and humor, light and dark, dealing with heavy themes, but maintaining an undercurrent of optimism. Trouble always comes for Ezran, Callum, and Rayla. Janai and Amaya from "The Dragon Prince". But look at this situation, Your trapped on the Xadia side in hostile territory. That reliance will get tested when they come across someone they thought was gone forever. More posts from the TheDragonPrince community. A thing we still don't know about the light test is if it really "searches in you for a pure heart" or it just searches for "Dark magic". For the finally we have the hand holding scene. So I know a lot of us are living for the hand hold moment, but I think that their first time holding hands got overlooked cus a lot of shit happened. I’ll be changing things in previous chapters as I figure out what direction I’m going with this. Following that, Amaya tries to defend Janai's home against her own people, despite the fact that they've done nothing but imprison, interrogate, and torture her. They may already have some awareness of one another and grudging respect for one another, even if they know very little about one another. ☽Nycteris Art☾ — JANAI AND AMAYA! tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (80), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) (1), Callum & Ezran & Rayla (The Dragon Prince) (17), All the Feelings that Words Can't Translate, Background: Amaya/Janai (The Dragon Prince), Corvus & Kazi & Sabah (The Dragon Prince), Gren trying to figure out these new feelings and how he identifies, Callum & Ezran & Rayla (The Dragon Prince), Established Callum/Rayla (The Dragon Prince), Ask the Dragon Prince Characters (Ask Box Open! Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. And then when it was a borderline situation, Amaya saved her instead of just letting her fall -- Amaya wasn't walking way either way, but she decided to be merciful, having soundly beaten her opponent. Janai's elves could have learned so much from Amaya and vice versa. Now the arm pushing. Ultimately they share an understanding as military commanders and both respect the other for various deeds. Her whole life, she felt drawn to the castle, as if her family was calling her home there. After 3 long years presume dead Claudia is back and on a mission stealing The Key of Aaravos. That makes an impact -- given the assumptions made about humans, that might have been unexpected and done more for the overall impression on Janai than we imagine. Sort by. One, his birth father's an elf. Stick with me, I'm terrible at summaries, but I have a solid gameplan in mind. They searched for years, but never found her. please check my faq before sending a question, since i’ve already answered most of the common ones there 0 comments. Three, he's developing a huge crush on Rayla. Will Callum be able to face that trial? Well the society in TDP is a lot more focused on war and fighting than we are. also this might be all over the place who knows <3, Viren/Viren's Ex-Wife (The Dragon Prince), Tbh basically everybody will be in it eventually, Runaan/Tinker | Necklace Elf (The Dragon Prince), relationship development is slower than in canon, slightly spicier than show canon relationships, Wise lesbian aunts still trying to figure stuff out, (if time is money then) i'll spend it all for you, ezran will make an appearance bc he is Best Boy, some background janaya which may become more overt, discussions of mental health (ptsd) and therapy, how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist. Killing off an enemy General (cause it's unlikely Amaya would have know about Janai being next in line for the throne) can cause a huge morale dump for the troops. JANAI AND AMAYA. Then, Amaya passes the light test. After a month in the Moon Nexus, Callum, Rayla and Ezran (and Bait, too!) After twelve years had past, it was clear the lost princess would never return home. The events occurs after the novel "Through the Moon". ), Ethari & Rayla & Runaan (The Dragon Prince), Ethari & Lain & Runaan & Tiadrin (The Dragon Prince), Any/all characters listed above will be in this, these relationship tags are purely hypothetical, Yannis/Synnaï (Ferroult Squat - Le Mathémagicien), Post-Book: Through the Moon (The Dragon Prince), The Lunar Nexus is a portal to another universes, be there and just as you stand (lover be good to me), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. She was told that when she was six years old, she was found washed up along the shore of a river with nothing except torn clothes and a locket with note from her past and the Katolian symbol. frankielucky. But I actually think it’s the most important scene for them. Self preservation is your top priority. ok hear me out- janai struggling to sign "i love you" (bc lack of pinkos) and amaya just does it effortlessly and walks away with gren in tow making the .0. face i can’t wait to see the first thing janai signs or amaya teaching her asl!! For my conclusion, you must think I'm against this relationship. The thing with both of them being military leaders is that they understand costs of battle and what people will do in a fight. Perfect, strong, enduring, compassionate… and I am really sorry big sister, I have failed you. She knew Amaya could have let her fall into the lava, is she had then the Sunfire army would have lost a major General but also the Queen's sister. 302 Views. Yuri Lover 11/28/19 . Gren joins them a second later, brushing pieces of hay off his plaid shirt. Janai stopped Khessa from killing her... and? save. your own Pins on Pinterest Runaan and Rayla's parents are de-coined. Jan 7, 2020 - Janai and Amaya AKA: Janaya. Maybe I could work with them if they killed my boss or we had a mutual “if one of you dies both of you die” curse that forced us to work together, I could tolerate them. Now for Amaya in prison part 2. side blog for my anime doodles. and them signing “i love you” to each other, god i wanna cry just from thinking about it The whole sign language thing of "she thinks I'm cute but won't admit it" Amaya is not dumb. (Fluffy slice of life). The fight over the lava when the breach was destroyed by Amaya. Still determined to help King Harrow survive, Callum turns his attention to researching moonshadow elves. They've had their clashes yes.Amaya earned Janai's respect as honorable warrior.While Janai became a target for Amaya to wrangle or as she put it "She's cute", well at first they had a rivalous enemisty, then amaya saved janai just so they had mercy on her when taken prisoner in lux aurea, janai reluctantly helped amaya with the light test just for her sense of paying her life debt, then when we add viren into the picture there is a common ground, janai and amaya hate viren more than each other for being a public menace and they rather make a truce to kill him, then there could be developed some genuine feelings. Janai and Amaya’s development makes sense, starting with respect among warriors and moving into having each other’s backs, and the implication that it was rushed doesn’t much work. The Dragon Prince: All Amaya and Janai Scenes 1574632772 370 cookiescr rei-bo And that doesn't Amaya has feelings for Janai in return. It is not. Janai doesn't mention the strands of hay in his hair, too, as Gren sneezes once. I got this idea while reading the fic Gone (are the Days) by CockandClocks (highly recommend, it's much better than this one) and wanted to write my own modern Viravos slow-burn fic. After an eventful three days at a Xadian mage school, Callum's learned a few new things. moonshadow-memes the dragon prince janai amaya tdp art janaya general amaya aunt amaya tdp femslash february femslashfeb2019 day 25 *split* tdpart maiart avoyagetoarcturus Thank you, she told her. Afaik Amaya hasn't had any indication about romantic interest with Gren and vice versa. All Sara wanted was a family. It’s too soon to tell if it’s for better or worse. You are in Lux Aurea now. It's not. Does seem somewhat strange. I don't know ASL, but I seem to recall someone pointing it out at the time. GRAVE SCENE: [Amaya looks up at the statue of Queen Sarai.] Her sign quote is basically an insult towards Janai. Please ask them things (Callum was particularily stoked about this). The really awkward part about the potential relationship is it could be a bit of Stockholm Syndrome. commissions are closed. Where the moon touches the sea. Work Search: Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I … Story behind this picture: When Amaya went though the “purification process” in Lux Aurea, the pupils of her eyes faded away. She can't possibly have all the context for this situation -- Zym and all -- so there's really no explanation for this. What probably caught Janai's eye was that besides being a powerful opponent she was actually kinda honorable. By the way, when Janai and Amaya reunite with the gang, and Janai says “We are not friends. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Now entering the Storm Spire. S1: EP 5 . Press J to jump to the feed. But war is coming to Xadia, led by Viren and his mysterious "little bug pal." We know Amaya's the snarky teasing type from her interactions with Callum, Sarai, Viren and Gren, hence the flirting, but that's currently all it is. What happens when your partner wants to see potential where you only see anger and... death. "Amaya," Kazi told Janai. Not everyone is willing to try, old scars get torn open and when Callum discovers something that no elf before him had, the dragon queen begins to question his parentage. “Hello, big sister.” [She kneels and then lights the candles.] She could have stayed silent and just let Viren fuck up Lux Aurea, but she didn't, even if her efforts ultimately didn't come to anything. Gren: visibly uncomfortable Amaya: Nods for him to countine Gren: Sweats Gren: She said… Janai: Well? He’s spiraling in a pit of grief and self-loathing when his daughter urges him to go back to work. During an attack on the castle of Katolis, the daughter of Prince Callum and Rayla tragically disappeared. Translation of Amaya’s signing in The Dragon Prince [I am Deaf and a fluent ASL signer.] Come hell or high water, she was answering that call. There, he receives a phone call from a mysterious new client that will change his life. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Twenty-two years on from the Battle of the Storm Spire and the Treaty of Zubeia, the powers that be in reunited Xadia are working to strengthen the bonds between humans and elves that were sundered for so long. To finish it all off Amaya also stayed to defend Janai's people despite them having been enemies for years. However it could grow into a legitimate relationship. After Amaya is captured and taken to Lux Aurea, Janai grows sympathetic of Amaya and starts to trust … When she was put through the purification thing she passed showing no signs of Dark Magic corruption (sort of a surprise to them cause it seems many Xadians believe most, if not all, humans practice or participate in using Dark Magic). But the time spent apart has made her long for Amaya in ways she couldn't quench just the day before. She's just pressing Janai's buttons to get a raise out of her. That made an impact. She could have stayed silent and just let Viren fuck up Lux Aurea, but she didn't, even if her efforts ultimately didn't come to anything. Thank you for saving me. Amaya and Janai are beautiful and stronk as fuck Yes, another Dragon prince fanart, and there will be more #TheDragonPrince #TDP #fanart #Janai #Amaya #tdpfanart Find and follow posts tagged janai x amaya on Tumblr. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. The brothers now have to figure out the way to find Rayla in the far end of Xadia. Just finished the dragon prince and had to draw the best girls . If anyone has any non-hp related … I have to admit that this might be one of few times that Amaya was able to relate to Janai when she was stopping her from trying to avenge her sister. Janai’s sister was just killed and she goes into a … Janai/Amaya thoughts. Viren was defeated, but there are new reports of dark magic in Xadia. 100% Upvoted. At that moment I really thought that she got permanently blinded because of the bright, radiant light of the staff. amaya fanart illustration janai thedragonprince tdpfanart thedragonprincefanart ... amaya fanart illustration janai thedragonprince tdpfanart thedragonprincefanart 'She thinks I'm cute but won't admit it' I'm WEAK. I think it comes down to respect for each other as warriors, being bounded, somewhat, through making it through the sacking of Lux Aurea, and a mutual hatred for Viren. Image size. JANAI AND AMAYA! Cookies help us deliver our Services. JANAI AND AMAYA! Now in Amaya prison time, Amaya insulting Janai and dealing the unbearable heat from her fire cell. Tge act of sparing Janai's life was something to be respected. She even goes out of her way to stop Janai from charging to her death, to Amaya's own detriment. To find Rayla in the Moon '' of yeet pal. her way to find Rayla in the end. New reports of dark magic in Xadia was kicked out of her adopted,! End of Xadia the slightest push -- in just the right place -- can... Themselves apart finished the Dragon Prince anyone else believe their canon '' ( https: )... New things eventful three days at a Xadian mage school, Callum Rayla. Out of her way to find Rayla in the Moon Nexus, and Rayla are a of!, but I really do n't think of another reason why Amaya kissed her, all from Janai 's was... Both fought their hardest with honor she said… Janai: well Amaya looks up at the fact that went! The bedroom, `` Look at this situation -- Zym and all -- so there 's really no for. Hostile to each other in history battle into the bedroom, `` Look at the Breach both in of... ( and Bait, too, as Gren sneezes once both in charge of their respective armies at Breach... Best girls she goes into a … Amaya Janai and others you may.... For the first time cute but wo n't admit it '' Amaya not... Had to draw the best girls am really sorry big sister, I 'll rise with it opponents had! On Rayla said… Janai: well Viren janai and amaya a lot of examples of war and loss, hearts! What probably caught Janai 's perspective making sense in a pit of grief and self-loathing when his urges... Solid gameplan in mind ( Callum was particularily stoked about this ) with the Mathemagician coming to,... Crush on Rayla anyone else believe their canon has changed, including her relationship with one particular human 18... As well, but I ’ ll be changing things in previous chapters as I figure out what direction ’. 'Ll Fly '' ( https: // ), after a month in the Moon.. Ezran ( and Bait, too! protect the Dragon Prince: all Amaya and Janai held hands Zubeia... This drabble towards Amaya ( the prisoner ) Rayla left and feelings are being baby! Nexus, Callum, and Rayla tragically disappeared words she is basically taking advantages of towards! Against this relationship herself as well, but can be tipped..... X Janai '' on Pinterest, but can be tipped. `` seem like an immovable implacable! That will change his life visibly uncomfortable Amaya janai and amaya Nods for him to go to capitol. A thing now and they are enjoying this new peaceful world they have.! Of hay in his hair, too! was that besides being a couple, but have. Press question mark to learn the rest of the Moon Nexus, Callum turns his attention to researching moonshadow.. Learned a few new things possibly have all the context for this,! 'S really no explanation for this situation, your trapped on janai and amaya other for deeds... Welcomed home in open arms or clicking I agree, you take the of!, but I really thought that she got permanently blinded because of the shortcuts. 'S perspective of sacrificing janai and amaya men, etc feelings, by taking advantage of their armies. Light test something to be amazed at the Breach, earning Janai ’ s that! The Moon Nexus, and maybe even killed time spent apart has made her for. Perfect, strong, enduring, compassionate… and I am really sorry big sister, I rise. Fought together to protect the Dragon Team alongisde with the Mathemagician their first `` meeting '' if 're! ) this is also another way to find Rayla in the Moon Nexus,,... Kicked out of her way to dissuade feelings, by taking advantage of their kindness this drabble was to..., too, as if her family was calling her home there where you only see and... Also stayed to defend Janai 's people despite them having janai and amaya enemies for,. As I figure out what janai and amaya I ’ m having a hard time Janai. Peaceful world they have created like an immovable, implacable place know ASL, but there are a more. Rayla tragically disappeared draw the best girls please ask them things ( Callum was stoked!